Dental aestheticsToday, more and more people benefit from dental aesthetic procedures including a wide range of techniques designed for a more beautiful smile. Thanks to first-class materials and techniques, teeth may look much better and last longer than before.

From now on your teeth will no longer be chipped, stained, cracked or spaced. Dental aesthetics can give you more beautiful teeth than before, putting the smile back on your face while feeling confident! Smile is an important way of communication.

Have you shown your flawless smile or have you hidden your teeth from the camera lens? In case your smile makes you feel no longer confident in yourself, you will be glad to find out that now there are simple solutions to bring back the smile on your face.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures

Dental alignment is frequently performed for aesthetic reasons, but first of all (at least from the dentist’s perspective) in order to restore the proper functioning of the dento-maxillary apparatus. Also, the teeth alignment helps prevent cavities and periodontal condition.

  • Horizontal alignment
  • Symmetry
  • Smile line
  • Gum line
  • Smile width
  • Abrasures

Tooth whitening

Smile is your ticket to a younger and more self-confident look. Nowadays, aesthetic dentistry is an essential part of the arsenal of anti-aging solutions. People used to go to the dentist to solve a problem; today they do so in order to improve their look.

Porcelain veneers

One of the triggers of social and professional success is healthy teeth, but this is not enough. They should also be very beautiful, in order to give others a pleasant smile and to feel secure and self-confident.

Dental veneers are indicated in case you have:

  • Unaesthetic interdental spaces
  • dento-alveolar incongruency (minor and moderate “crowded” teeth)
  • Intrinsic low and medium coloring (tetracycline and fluorosis)
  • Unaesthetic shapes and sizes of certain teeth
  • Dental injuries or cavity lesions accompanied by moderate losses of dental substance
  • Non-homogeneous surface texture


Usually our patients get the smile of their dreams in two sessions. During the first session for veneers, your teeth are prepared and during the second one, we put the permanent veneers on. Imagine that you will have a new smile within less than one month – one to really suit your face and personality that will give you confidence to express yourself.

Porcelain veneers are for many adults a perfect alternative to dental appliance. Veneers may correct the shape of the teeth which are not properly aligned, have gaps or spaces. Older patients, who have always wanted straighter teeth but are not willing to undergo years of treatment with a dental appliance, usually love this new technique. Actually, even if you had used a dental appliance before, but the size and shape of your teeth are not satisfactory for you, veneers may be the perfect solution.

Ceramic dental veneers (porcelain veneers) are the most esthetic restorations, but also the most delicate. They are made by complex layering techniques caused by the existing minimum space, and teeth preparation, impression and cementing of veneers are also highly sophisticated procedures that can be performed by specialized dentists only.

Full ceramic crowns

We get to a major change of the facial expression and also of the smile line, color and shape of the teeth. These are made of high quality ceramic and are almost impossible to distinguish from a natural tooth.

Ceramics is one of the most resistant materials. Thus the life duration of a full ceramic crown is as much as the duration of a natural tooth. Obviously all dental hygiene conditions must be met also in the case of natural teeth.

Due to high resistance similar to the dental enamel in case you have ceramic crowns you can eat anything even hard food. Obviously just like in the case of natural teeth, there may occur accidents and ceramic crowns can break.

Dental crown is applied in case the tooth is mostly damaged and when it is impossible to apply ceramic veneers. To change the appearance it is necessary to apply full ceramic crowns only where it is impossible to apply ceramic veneers.

A full ceramic crown is made just like any other kind of crown. The tooth is polished and then during the same session a tooth impression is taken. We make a temporary crown to protect the tooth/teeth until the final crown is ready. In the laboratory the final crown is made and then this is permanently cemented into the mouth.


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