Dental tourismDo you dream of traveling and imagine yourself with a happy smile on your face while taking pictures with your camera in picturesque locations? Now tourism and stomatology have something in common.

You can visit many interesting places in Romania while benefiting from a healthy smile, all of this at affordable prices.

Our expert team provides emergency dental works!

While the works are executed in our own dental technics laboratory, you can relax and visit tourist attractions at your choice. You just tell us where you want to go and we take care of everything, including transportation, accommodation at reasonable prices, visits to tourist attractions you want to see.

When coming back from your trip, your dental work will be ready and you can enjoy the smile you have always dreamed of. With us, you can make something both entertaining and useful.

We are waiting for you…

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If you arrive in 3 days or less is best to contact us in order to get a reservation immediately.



O inițiativă de promovare a României!Infografic realizat în 2012 de Ana Busuioc, studentă pe atunci la Universitatea din Leeds (Marea Britanie) pentru Societatea Românilor din Leeds, o organizație non-profit pentru promovarea României.
Posted by Universitatea din Bucuresti on 5 Iunie 2015


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