PedodonticsWhat is pedodontics?

Pedodontics refers to dental treatments in children. Pedodontics is a separate specialty requiring a special training to work with children, patience, child’s psychology background. You need to know that, once in contact with the parents, the oral cavity of newborn babies will be colonized by germs, the same germs with a cariogenic potential we find in adults.

Dental hygiene should begin with the first temporary teeth, and in this regard, you can follow the advice of the dentist on the proper hygiene measures. It is good to get the children familiar since early ages with the visits to the dentist, who will try by playing with them to get them accustomed to the brushing technique proper to their age, could win their trust and could properly monitor them. However, the main role in the education related to the infant’s oral health lies mostly with their parents, because the regular hygiene thoroughly performed at home (under the close supervision and guidance of the parent) will lead to health habits for life. Also remember to get them accustomed since early ages with health eating habits both for the dental health and for the overall health.

Baby teeth can be treated?

Yes, baby teeth should be treated. We believe that dental treatments in children are of high importance. It is false to think that baby teeth change and should not be treated. Healthy baby teeth will also lead to a good digestion of the child and implicitly to a harmonious growth of the little ones.

Baby teeth are intended to maintain the space for permanent teeth, if they are lost too soon, then there will be migrations of adjacent teeth that will cause crooked teeth. The dental cavities in baby teeth quickly evolves to gangrenes, to infection with pus of the tooth. Infection in baby teeth may cause tooth abscess episodes, discomfort, fever and eating problems in little patients.  Pus in baby teeth is a source of infection in the body, it can also affect the growth of permanent teeth which are located in the jaw just below the baby teeth.

At what age you should bring the child to the dentist?

At what age you should bring the child to the dentist?The answer is as soon as possible, at 3-4 years we play and we put stars on the teeth and learn how to brush our teeth. From 5-6 years we have already a better cooperation with children, they grow older and they become more cooperative. Therefore we believe that it is very important to bring the children to the dentist from early ages, to get familiar with the practice. The first sessions will be more like a “play” in order for them to become accustomed and to make the reluctance or fear go away. We also do brushing trainings, children are supposed to learn to brush their teeth since early ages.

In order to stimulate and reward the kids, they will receive a small prize after each session during which they prove that they have been obedient. Thus they will gladly return to the practice. Some children ask us since the moment they sit on the chair what they will receive this time?


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