Dental prophylaxisDental prophylaxis is the simplest and cheapest method of treatment. Prophylaxis prevents dental and periodontal illness, by not letting complications occur. Therefore, dental prophylaxis has 2 roles:

  • Prevent the occurrence of dental cavities and periodontal disease
  • prevent progression of dental cavities and of periodontal disease  and occurrence of complications

There are 3 categories of factors influencing the occurrence of dental cavities and periodontal disease:

Infectious factor

It is the most important factor being represented by germs or bacteria located in the dental plaque. Germs are the major factor triggering dental and periodontal illness without which it would be impossible for the dental cavities and periodontal disease to occur.

Food factor

It is represented by the food you eat. Food is divided in 4 major categories: proteins, carbohydrates (or sugars), lipids and vitamins. Of these, the one that influence the most the occurrence of dental illness are carbohydrates. This is because they account for a good source of consumption for bacteria, being also an important component of dental plaque.


It is represented by the quality of dental and periodontal tissues. This refers first of all to the quality of the enamel and dentin. The harder, the lower the probability of occurrence of dental cavities. There are prevention methods also aimed at increasing the tooth enamel hardness.


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