Dan MoisescuPatient

I am a loyal patient of Dr. Iorgulescu. Both me and my wife have undergone various treatments in her clinic, since 2005 when she started. For my wife, she did among others dentures fixed with permanent magnets, and for me around 7 works (crowns + various treatments). We are both very satisfied by the quality of the works made by Dr. Iorgulescu, not only in the practice but in the laboratory, and this is why we have recommended her to all our friends and acquaintances.

Marius DragomirPatient

When it comes to dental issues most of us are seized by panic and fear at the thought that the meeting with the dentist is going to be a painful one. In the practice of doctor Adelina Iorgulescu I have come to realize that going to the dentist may be pleasant at the same time. A doctor who answers the most unusual questions, who gives detailed explanations on the procedure while you are on that chair over there and which are the steps to follow in order to treat your teeth and who gives you professional advice so as your teeth look flawless. Since go to this dental practice on a regular basis, my fear of the dentist has just disappeared, I even get gladly over there being aware of the fact that it is going to be a pleasant, painless and professional experience.


I do not even know how to begin! Doctor Adelina Iorgulescu is an exceptional dentist and, at the same time, a special person! Personally, she put the smile back on my face and my son, Nicusor, who is 8 years old, is fascinated by each visit to her practice and is not afraid even of extractions! I recommend her with all my heart to everybody as I have done so to all my family members and my friends and I can tell you that there are all very satisfied!
Thank you very much, doctor Adelina Iorgulescu!


In order to overcome my fear of going to the dentist, I had to meet Mrs. Adelina! It is a pleasure for me to come back to her every time I go to Bucharest, even for an ordinary checkup! Her passion for this profession, the pleasant atmosphere in the practice make each visit a relaxing moment!
I recommend her with all my heart!

Cristina EcaterinaPatient

I don’t know what to begin with…everything took place many years ago, when, as a child, I had a very unpleasant experience with a “very nice” dentist; when after a number of attempts to resist on the “torture chair” I realized that I could not overcome my fear for everything that involved dental practice, I said to myself, “That’s it, I’d better have no tooth at all than being tortured each and every day over and over again”. I have never thought that I would come to a point (as I am today) not to make sure I do not feel the draft so that the next day I would wake up with a swallowed jaw, or so that I would at my ease or that I am even ashamed to even smile, but the MIRACLE did happen, I had the big opportunity to meet doctor Adelina Iorgulescu, a wonderful person, an extraordinary character, a doctor with a tremendous professional dedication, a person who, if you have to meet, will make you walk out of her practice with a smile on your face. This person together with her wonderful team make you feel like family, when you get into the practice you feel like home, the place is so friendly, painted in warm colors, the music can be softly heard in the background, it gives you the impression that you are in a relaxation place and not somewhere in a location where people are afraid of and find it difficult to get to. It has been a new opportunity that God has given to me when I met this wonderful team, it has been two years already since she completed my work and it looks flawless, I cannot believe that I can laugh and talk without any reluctance. If you ever need one, I highly recommend this outstanding clinic, these wonderful people, do not hesitate to do it and I guarantee that you will never regret your choice.
I wish you wonderful days, full of beautiful smiles!


I think highly of her, because dr. Adelina Iorgulescu provides me with the right treatment whenever I have asked for her services. I am satisfied by these services because she accurately sticks to the appointment time and the treatment cost is at an affordable price for any pocket considering the practice endowments and the dentist’s professionalism.


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