Services of the clinicQuality stomatological services guaranteed at affordable prices.

Our mission is to provide top level of professionalism, hygiene and comfort, individualized focus, respect, discretion, communication and responsibility. A skilled team, mixing experience with abnegation is always at your disposal with high quality stomatological services.

We use state-of-the-art materials, disposable consumables, sterilization and asepsy at highest standards.

We know how stressful pain can be, but we will do our best to make it go away. We try to be as close to you as possible, that is the reason why we want to have an optimum communication with the patient. This is why we explain the situations and the appropriate treatment plan, so as the patient decides on the treatment, with full knowledge of the case.

Procedures – Treatments

Dental prophylaxis

partial and full scaling; fluorization and professional brushing; anti-inflammatory treatments; periodontal treatments.

Odontal treatments

treatment of cavities and dental injuries, dental and radicular fractures of any position, conditions of the dental pulp; gangrene of any types, necrosis of any kind, osteitis and osteomyelitis complications; vital extirpations, devital extirpations, vital and devital amputations; radicular canal obturations.

Dental orthodontic services

the whole range of fixed and mobile orthodontic contention devices.

Periodontal treatments

treatment of the periodontitis itself, as well as of the marginal periodontitis by medical and therapeutic, as well as surgical methods.

Surgical treatments and interventions

modern anesthesias; simple extractions, radicular remains extractions, premolarizations, all kinds of alveolar curettage, apicoectomy and periapical curettage.

Dental Implantology services

from rebuilding a single tooth to bridges and dentures on dental implants, they prove most often to be the ideal solution, both from the physician and the patient’s perspective.

Prosthetic treatments

the whole range of fixed and mobile prosthetic works (crowns, bridges, skeletal dentures, full or partial mobile dentures).

Aesthetical treatments

teeth whitening treatment without affecting the pulp; dental jewelry; ceramic reconstructions of unaesthetic front teeth.

Pedodontic services (children)

guidance, techniques and methods for keeping the children’s mouth hygiene; fluorinations; temporary and permanent dental sealing; control and guidance for dental abnormal prophylaxis; children’s teeth treatment.


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