Dental prostheticsProsthetics means reconstructing the teeth by means of fixed works: dental veneers, crowns and bridges, as well as mobile or movable works: full or partial dentures, special system-based dentures, implant-based dentures.

Dental prosthetics is not just about appearance, but also about esthetics. An oro-facial reconstruction is also required. In this regard, dental prosthetics involves: phonation or sounds uttered while talking, mastication or our capacity to chew food, as well as maxillo-facial protection from bruxism or twitches of people to grind their teeth while talking and not only then. It is also said that this condition might also be genetically transmitted – the so-called “bruxism”. Thus, dental prosthetics has a multiple, complementary and trans-disciplinary role in the patient’s life.

Dental prosthetics and related aesthetics would not be possible without dental technical laboratories. Such laboratories provide modern technologies and specialized equipment for design of works applied on dental implants and not only. Besides, they may be applied also on the ceramic zirconium structure, made with computer assistance: CAD/CAM. Inlays, onlays and crowns are also made of ceramic, having a particular aesthetic nature in the general dental prosthetics.

When do we use dental prosthetics?

Dental prosthetics is used only under the following conditions:

  • Some or all teeth are crowded – as an alternative to orthodontics;
  • There are missing teeth in the mouth;
  • Some or all teeth have gaps – as an alternative to orthodontics;
  • Some or all teeth are cracked;
  • Some or all teeth are discolored;
  • All teeth are brought forward / protruded;
  • All teeth are brought backwards / retruded;
  • Gums are more prominent / “gingival” smile;
  • Teeth are either too big or too small.

Our clinic performs:

  • Porcelain prosthetic works, on metallic structure (chrome cobalt or platinated gold)
  • Porcelain prosthetic works, on zirconium oxide structure
  • Porcelain prosthetic works without metallic structure
  • inlays
  • ceramic or composite works
  • works on dental implants
  • acrylic and skeletal dentures


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